I'm baaaaack! Health reasons forced a temporary suspension of sales (and a copycat seller on eBay charging a small fortune for less than what I offer in the basic pony pack concerns me - people might think they're buying from me!), but I'm thrilled to be offering the same high quality goods at reasonable, affordable prices.

And - Every Pony Pack comes in it's own plastic, zippered, color-coordinated carry case with handles!

ABOUT THE ORIGINAL CARROTS!! A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that if they don't have the original FurReal Pony carrot, they're hosed. If that was true,I wouldn't be here would I? The fact is, you could put a stick in the pony's mouth and it would work fine. The sensors are in the pony's mouth - the carrot is just a hard plastic carrot. Unless you want to waste a lot of money like $30-$40 on eBay for an original FurReal Carrot or a wanna-be me who sells aftermarket stuff for the 3 times what I sell for, when a stick would work as well, you've come to the right place.I've always had a Pony Pack available at my eBay Listing for anyone who needs or wants it. The eBay set will be gone at New Years.

For those people using the eBay auction listing to order, some folks are having problems with getting the colors to work, so Please utilize the "Note to Seller" (It's a small line, easily missed) on your PayPal Payment page.

The Premier Pony Packs with the long discontinued and seriously real looking, feeling and baby-safe Melissa and Doug Carrots are also available for purchase through this site, with or without a pony pack. And But we have been offering grass in two forms for sale with pony packs as an add-on or as part of the Premier Pony Pack.


I've gotten a lot of mail asking me for parts that Grace at Hasbro has already told them, Hasbro does not have, does not stock and never will produce again. I'm sorry, In general, I do not carry replacement parts for these items.

That said, I can re-create the tail, ear, even battery box if you have retained the original piece (from frame).. I can re-create any part (except hooves). The battery box is something a lot of folks are asking for. I can make one, but would need one from a non-operational pony. If you have a battery case, ear from frame, tail piece you can send, I will send it back working (or fixed i.e., with hair) free of charge. I will then+ offer these parts for sale when they are available. Otherwise, I cannot get replacement tails, ears, or battery boxes.

I posted this link to a YouTube video that will (keep this video away from the little ones) show you how to turn your beautiful little pony into a fire breathing Hell Horse. It also shows you the construction (err deconstruction) of the basic FurReal Friend Pony. YouTube Video - The Anatomy (and other stuff) of a FurReal Friends Pony (sans Fur, etc.)

I posted that for the *handier* folks who want to know the anatomy to see if they can craft an ear or tail out of something. Otherwise, it's a perfectly gruesome video that kids who like ripping stuff up and torching will love.

So as it stands right now, other than carrots, brushes, combs and adoption certificates, and instructions, sI don't have any parts. No spares. I suggest keeping an eye on eBay, Craigslist, or see if you can find instructions for new parts on sites like JustAsk, Fixya, 6ya, etc.

After selling a pony to a lovely couple in CT, based on a "quote" from FedEx (all sizes provided), the actual shipping was $130 MORE than that little quote. I ate it some, but still made money. The point is, you don't have to lose money shipping these ponies.

There is a link I posted on how to ship your pony for under $100.

NEVER rely on FedEx or any other site's "estimate" or "quote". It's bogus and will disappear the moment you're ready to ship. If you didn't already know this, Greyhound ships freight and it will cost about $55 to ship the pony if you have to or need to! You're welcome.

You all know, I never inflate prices just because availability is scarce.(

To the left is the list of stuff that is in stock, ready to ship, immediately available. BUT.. The bad news? There isn't any! I'm still throwing in bonus items with certain purchases. Remember! Customizing any part of your order will cause a delay.

Feel free to browse around, the packages and everything are still the same but the grass comes with two options and is new!

ONE MORE THING! - International Orders do not ship for the prices stated. Those prices are for shipping within the Continental US only. For information or a quote on shipping your item, please Contact Me for an estimate for shipping and please be specific about what you want shipped.

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